Get To Know Us

Our Beginnings

The Eisenstein-Sirot Group originated initially by Herman Eisenstein in the late 1960’s. Hy Eisenstein was a man of great character and love of people. He spent his life making sure that his clients were protected in all areas. He specialized in designing pension plans with life insurance as well as estate planning. He utilized disability insurance and long term care to ensure his clients would be able to live with dignity if they became disabled or unable to care for themselves. His clients and friends loved him and respected him greatly.

In 1990 when his son Alan graduated from law school he decided to join his dad in his firm. Alan began his career working closely with his dad and learning how to ensure that his clients were protected. Alan began specializing in cash flow management over the last 15 years when clients began to need it most. He utilizes many different types of products to minimize risk and maximize cash flow during retirement. He implements his father’s core beliefs and thrives on making his clients happy and satisfied with their long term plans.

In the early 2000’s, Alan convinced his brother in law, Steven Sirot, to join the firm. Steven worked very closely with his father in law for close to 8 years before Hy passed away in 2008. Steven has focused on college planning for the last several years and started a sister company called CBRG. Steven’s strengths are working with many different types of clients ranging from college planning to insurance planning.  He values his relationship with his clients and enjoys their success.

Our Beliefs

The common thread that permeates the Eisenstein-Sirot Group is a love and caring for our clients. We are compassionate people that develop plans with an eye on our clients feelings.