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Every stage of life comes with its own set of rewards and challenges.
Life insurance protects your loved ones for whatever lies ahead.

If you have loved ones who depend on you,
securing their financial future is one of the most important ways you can provide for them.

Life’s changing circumstances impact the coverage you need to protect your family.

Since few people are educated on the ins and outs of life insurance and retirement planning,
a specialist can help you determine which policies work best for you.

The financial decisions you make today,
seriously impact your future quality of life.

Every important life event requires reevaluating your coverage.

  1. Getting married
  2. Having a child or additional children
  3. Purchasing a house
  4. Increasing your income
  5. Increasing your debt
  6. Having to take care of parent or special needs child
  7. Starting a business
  8. Having a partner in a business
  9. Increasing your estate
  10. Any other major life changes

Protection for every life stage


Newlyweds often depend on two incomes when they are starting their lives out together. Life insurance can ensure that your spouse is able to cover the expenses of loan payments, credit card debt, and other costs of living.


Life insurance can be used to cover an outstanding mortgage, sparing your family the need to move out of their home while dealing with the trauma of an unexpected death.


Becoming a parent is one of life’s most rewarding, and most expensive experiences. Adequate life insurance ensures your loved ones are able to maintain the lifestyle you intended for them to have. If something happened to you, life insurance helps your spouse cover the costs of raising the children from daycare through college. Single parents could especially benefit from having a life insurance policy because they are the sole providers and caretakers for their children.

Business Owners

Succession planning utilizes operating and buy sell agreements to ensure the business operates the way you would like. Protect your most valuable asset. Make sure that you protect in case of a loss to a key employee or yourself. Make sure your family can either continue the business or receive full value for the business.


When people retire they might question the need for life insurance. Your children are grown, the mortgage is paid off but life insurance can still be a valuable tool for retired people and those still planning for retirement.
Some life insurance policies have riders that can pay out a portion of the death benefit early to cover specific medical costs. Others can include or be used in conjunction with separate long term care insurance policies to ensure that seniors can afford quality care in their home or a facility should they need it. Life insurance ensures that widows and widowers do not have to struggle to make ends meet in their retirement when they outlive their spouse.

Special Needs

Developing a plan to financially secure your child with special needs is important for their well being and the well being of the rest of your family. By putting in place a well thought out, comprehensive plan you will make sure that your child will be able to utilize all of the resources available to him or her, live a comfortable life, and you will eliminate the risk of placing an undue burden on the rest of the family. Often parents are afraid to face these difficult decisions alone but we help make the process relieving. We break down a hard task into smaller pieces and at the end of the day you can sleep better at night.

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